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Hi Andre,

You mentioned that the EcuTek suite contains base maps/example files for different forms of forced induction. Is this something that is only available to commercial tuners or can someone with the basic ProECU kit access these? I haven't been able to find where to access these in EcuTek.

It turns out that is a small oversight by EcuTek... My apologies.

If you let me know what RaceROM version you have, EcuTek will send me a ROM and I'll post it up here.

At this stage I haven't purchased a RaceRom patch for myself as I'm waiting for a reply from our Master Tuner as to the advantages of becoming a sub-dealer etc.

I noticed you had access to the "beta" maps which usually a retail customer doesn't have access to. Is this something that the RaceRom patch allows access to, or only Tuners?

Having those base/example maps would be super helpful too so as soon as I have the RacerRom patch, I'll let you know as well!

Hey sorry for the delay in response. I only have the ProEcu software with the free BRZ editing suite (not the full tuner suite) and I'm having trouble getting the right price for the RaceROM extension/patch. I believe it will be either RR8 or RR9 that I'll be running.

Sorry about the slow reply.

I'll get you an example ROM specific to your actual ECU in the next day or so, however until then I've attached an example ROM for a supercharged car which you can use as a reference. Please note that this is intended as an example only and will still require tuning to suit.

Thanks heaps Andre! The 86 from is a ZA1JA01G Calibration ID.

Not sure if I'm not viewing it right but at this stage I can't see an attatchment but I'm happy to wait for the correct ROM.

Thanks again!

Apologies, the .bin extension is not an allowable file type for upload. I've now included it as a .zip file.

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Thanks heaps for that!! Now all I need to find is a turbo example rom and I'll be set :D

That's for supplying that though, much appreciated!

That's a perfectly good place to start from with a turbo kit as well. In fact that's what I started with on an AVO turbo kit I tuned last year.