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Hi all, im looking for a speed density basemap for jackson racing supercharger on ecutek for BRZ which map should i start as a basemap? any other input for what to look out for the 2013 FRS/BRZ would be also appreciated!

Hi Henry, I haven't got a SD base map sorry. Is there a reason you want to run full SD? It is of course completely achievable but actually makes your job more difficult and the tune generally takes longer. If you're exceeding the limits of the stock MAF then you could also consider a hybrid system where you switch to SD above a certain pressure.

The closest i'll be able to provide though is a base map to suit a Sprintex supercharger kit running full MAF. Let me know if that's helpful and i'll post it up. I don't have that particular laptop on me right now though sorry.

Hi Andre, thank you for replying. I was making a SD basemap myself. There's no particular reason on running full speed density at first i thought his kit was using a blow of valve but i later found out its a recirculating valve. He is also planning on running low boost at the moment until he gets a flex fuel sensor and upgrade fuel system. I don't believe it'll be close to exceed stock MAF. Do you have any advice on what specific thing i should look at tuning the FAs? I could also post up my basemap for you to look over as well.

Hi Andre, Was wondering if you could take a look at the map and datalog. I just replaced the MAP sensor from stock to 4 bar delicious tuning one, have already calibrated it and the log looks accurate to me. I am having problem where I start the car it'll just stall away it sounds like the cranking fuel is not correct? It also stall when the rpm drop too fast like stopping at the light and CEL P0107&P0068 Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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  • JSRCsuperchargerdelioustuning4barmapidleproblemZA1JB01C-enc.bin
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  • JSRCsuperchargerdelioustuning4barmapZA1JB01C-enc-22-04-2020-13-54-53.csv
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Hi Henry, apologies for the slow reply. I don't have my Ecutek dongle with me so I can't look at your map right now. The two codes that you're registering are likely to be the source of your issues though. The first is a low MAP sensor voltage error which may simply be the diagnostic limit of the factory MAP sensor vs your new 4 bar sensor. The second is due to the calculated mass flow vs what the ECU is reporting. I'll be in the shop later today and I'll grab my dongle so i can give you some more guidance around this. Thanks for your patience.

I have already make the CEL threshold to 0V but it didn't help. Was wondering If I could send you a few log during some ramp run?

I also have this log file where the idle drops when the car stops. Not sure what's causing that? I tried messing with the throttle table but it doesn't quite make the throttle more responsive, any insight will be appreciative!

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  • RPM-drop-log-enc-ZA1JB01C-07-05-2020-15-22-23.csv
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Hi Henry, sorry again for my slow responses here, it's been a little crazy dealing with our country wide lockdown. For a start your P0068 maximum voltage is set to 3.3 volts. It may be that you're not reaching 3.3 volts but the DTC would suggest you are. If you read page 33 of the tuning guide (you can access through the ecutek software) it specifically mentions you may need to modify the MAP min/max voltages to avoid the P0107 DTC so I'd suggest you sort that out and you may find this fixes your issues. For what it's worth the MAP scaling matches the ecutek recommendations for a 4 bar sensor.

Thank you so much for getting back! I read the tuning guide and did what was mentioned for the MAP min/max. I am going to try to lower the P0068 max voltage value to see if it still has the same problem. Forgot to mention the RPM drop log though was from a OEM map sensor and it was still doing that, i also played around with the idle engine load map and air flow map i still couldn't get the rpm drop problem fix.

Ok I'll take another look then at the rpm drop as soon as I can. I'd take an educated guess that the issue will be related to your VE map if you're running full time SD. There's really nothing tricky or special you should need to do for the level of modifications you've got. If you're dead set on running SD I'd strongly suggest you consider the hybrid method and use MAF at idle, cruise and light load, then switch to SD in boost.

I have got that issue addressed but im running into problem where the injector would shut off at 6400-6700 rpm. Attacted a log file

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  • 13FRSZA1JA01CFullspeedensityR8-ZA1JB01C-18-05-2020-16-35-54.csv
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