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Ecutek O2 Sensor #2 reading

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Hi all,

I installed innovate wideband sensor and wired the output 0-5v to Ecu A34, Pin 21.

and I tested the voltage on the OEM O2 sensor Plug in engine bay, the voltage is around 2.5V at idle which is correct.

after I setup and WB o2 sensor infos in the rom in ProEcu and use "O2 sensor #2 - Voltage" as input.

The reading become around 0.45V at idle??

MY17 BRZ using Ecutek

Could anyone point me to the right direction to fix this please



This isn't something I've actually done myself however there's a fairly comprehensive guide on the ecutek site that covers the process (as well as rescaling the factory wideband if you want to do that). Chek it out here and let me know if you still need more help -

Thanks Andre. issue solved now. there is offset voltage involved and Ecutek fixed/updated the racerom file.