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Hi Andre,

I am trying to set up Speed Density on Ecutek to tune my GTR using ProECU. I am tuning my car first before I move on to other cars. I have used a Got Boost Speed density kit and I am getting MAF Check engine code after installing the kit. I have enabled Speed Density on the software. Do I have to disable this code to move forward with tuning my on Speed Density. Thank You. More Lessons on Ecutek would be great.

Have you changed your Mass Air Flow Reading Limit? The way Speed Density works in EcuTek is it used the VE table to come up with an equivalent g/rev load.

Could be other factors but I'd start there

I actually got it going Thanks.

If you've physically removed the MAF sensors then you need to disable the DTC for the MAFs otherwise the ECU will revert to fallback operation and the EcuTek SD system won't function.

I donĀ“t really know the details at the GTR, but on some other cars, because the Inlet aire temperature is build in at the MAF, so it is a good idea to wire a independent IAT on the appropriate location to let the ECU take advantage of that correction... (before the Throttle...)