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Evo X Error code during tune

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A week ago I'm trying to tune 2009 EVO X with upgread turbo and moded engine upgread fuel system , I got my maf ,map and loud all tuned , and retard the timing and targting the loud to 200 and strart WOT ,but the car runing with much boost and timing was zero at data log ,I feel like that throttel was close and engine error light come in with some codes for the COBB

Any help To find out what was the problem and how to fix please ,, check the attechment for the error code

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Well, just Googling it, P1238 is a MAF plausibility code. Basically the ECM compares your airflow from the MAF signal and a throttle angle based table to set a code. So either turn off the code or adjust the throttle angle based airflow table if it's available.