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Hi all,

Hoping for some advice.

I am currently mapping my Abarth 500 1.4T.

I have adjusted torque requests, fuelling and engine load requests accordingly.

However due to lack of access of a dyno, I am somewhat struggling with tuning the ignition. Pretty much all of the information provided on the course uses recordable logged data, however, I am unable to do this do to lack of compatibility with this specific ECU.

I have undergone small efforts of road testing using det cans to adjust the ignition, but I do not want to adjust into detention then back the timing off, as this process is taking significant time due to having to refresh the ECU every test session.

I will be using a dyno for a few runs in the coming weeks, do you think it is possible to inspect the torque curve and then adjust the timing to suit.

This just seems like guess work to me?