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Failing to Log MAF Values in HP Tuners VCM Scanner

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Hello HP Community,

I am running into the problem that when I want to scale my MAF sensor (2014 Ford Mustang GT 5.0), I cant seem to get the logged Air values I want in the new Graph in the VCM Scanner (LTFT + STFT).

I am quite sure I got all the parameters right and also followed all the steps as mentioned in the video but It seems to only populate the first top cell (Value 88.3) with data.

Does somebody know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards.


Small Update.

I was running into another odd problem, ist that copying and pasting the Row axis labels wouldn't work because in the Scanner it wouldn't recognize commas (,) and only with a dot (.) it would correctly do the scaling. When changing the Regional settings of my Computer (comma and point confusion in Windows).

Which allowed to me to paste easily the row labels.

It still however doesn't populate more than the top cell.

I found the problem.

Its a stupid mistake of mine, but probably other people might run into this so I will give you the solution to this problem.

The main mistake was:

I hadn't selected the function in the left side of the Scanner where all the logged values must be listed ("MAF Airflow VS Periode").

As mentioned in the previous post, it looks like the Regional settings of the Computer itself (Comma and Point mixup) and the fact I hadn't selected the Parameter as a logged and listed parameter made that the scanner would act strangely and only log into the top cell.

Anyways, now it works and I could scale the MAF sensor of the car I am tuning.

Hope this helps someone :-)

Best regards.