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forced induction base file for GT86

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi, I'm touching my ECU on GT86 w/ HKS supercharger via subaruEdit.

unfortunately, I only have a stock ECU file and not have any forced induction base file like ECUTek.

now I'm watching your video and learning how to fix stock ECU to forced induction base file.

well, i have 2 questions.

do i need to fix all of engine load column header (which is 1.00g/rev default to 2.4g/rev supercharged), and Engine Speed Row header to maximum 7800 rpm?

i watched your video Step 3: Configure Base Tune File @26:14, i can see the VVT Exhaust Angle Table. it's quite different from my stock ECU table(i'm watching VVT Eshaust Angle(Base) ZA1JA01A . should I correct VVT table before I ignite my engine?

thanks for ur help.

Hi Hiromitsu, if you follow the steps I took in the worked example that should get you up and running, assuming SubaruEdut has the required maps defined.

Yes, you'll need to extend the load and rpm axis to whatever maximum load value you end up producing. You can find this out once you get to a point you can do some full throttle pulls. Just log the mass airflow and tweak the load axis as required. It's unlikely you'll want to run much past the stock rpm limit though as you won't make power there.

The VVT maps for the positive displacement supercharger may not be optimal for your centrifugal. You're best to test and see what gives you the best results.

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