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Ford Fiesta ST COBB AP Vs HPTuners

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I have recently purchased a MK7 Fiesta ST and I would like to have a go at tuning it myself. This would be the first proper go at reflash tuning (I've had a little play around with the BIN files for my ducati with TunerPro)

Most people with the same car seem to use the COBB accessport (or rebranded versions of it) and various off the shelf tunes from different suppliers.

In addition to COBB it seems HPTuners also supports this platform.

I'm leaning towards HPTuners as I can use the MPVI2 for other cars in the future and I just need to buy more credits.

HPTuners seems to be more DIY friendly as I will be able to edit any of the tables myself, whereas with the COBB I understand only approved 'ProTuners' have access to the full software.

What are your recommendations on which one to choose? Is one platform likely to be missing tables that the other has or vise versa?