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Fueling Primary open loop

Practical Reflash Tuning

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i have a subaru sti 2016 and in the stock map , the primary look open fueling as you instruct in the video to select that one is not there only the primary loop fueling (fail safe), what choices i have to be able to start to to tune the stock map , all i have in the fueling section is

primary open loop fueling KCA ADDITIVE B LOW , KCB ADDITIVE B HIGH , alternate mode , faisafe kca alternate mode , fuel map switch IAM ,

the others are Minimun active primary open loop enrichment , primary open loop enrichment throttle , accelerator , fuel compensation ECT , and timing compensation , that's all , any help woul be appreciated


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If I recall correctly, it would be KCA ADDITIVE B HIGH and LOW table that are used in normal condition, and the failsafe is used when the IAM get below the MAP SWITCH value.

Frank @ Elegant

Thanks for responding and sharing , so that means i can work in the B high first and interpolate all the arrange from B high to the low table or start with the low first ?

If I recall correctly, both tables have the same values. Each time you do a change, they should always match (copy - paste your change in both of them).

Frank @ Elegant

Thanks a lot frank , appreciate will try that lets see how it goes

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