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Almost done the the EFI-fundamentals and Practical ECU reflashing courses, and I think it's very comprehensive and excellent made! My plan is within this year to start doing custumer reflashing and optimizations, as a hobby though, since I already do work on cars in my sparetime.

However, I still fell in doubt about getting startet. I do plan on training on my own car, untill I feel confident to take the next step. But I'm so confused about the software used, and hardware as well. The open source talked about here, ECU Flasher and Romraider, as I've understood mainly covers Mitsu and Subaru, which are the two most rare car brands in Denmark :)

By reading on the internet the KESSV2 from alientech seems to work and their ECM Titanium software which follows along. However, it seem a little expensive with subscription and everything. Then seeing the KTS200 and FOXflash (from China I believe) seem also to do the job of communication with the ECU, but I think the remap/logging software is not a part of it.

So as you can here, right now I feel like Moses standing at the sea:(

How to start up best so I can convert the theory to practis.

Looking forward hearing from you:)

Best regards, Simon

With ecm titanium you can modify file that you read by kess or ktag. But maps you 'see' in ecm titanium are only as good as alientech have made the driver for that software version of that car. Mostly many maps are missing, are not complete or are wrong.

That's why, buy Winols and learn to use it, learn how ecu functions work and how maps are set and so on. Winols is quite difficult at start but after you get familiar it's very powerful. You have to have some kind of mappack or damos to start with an unknown ecu for you.

I personally have been using CMDFlash to read/write for almost 15 years now and think it's still the best/most reliable tool on market.

Datalogging you have to do with some other tool. I usually use VCDS for VAG cars, ISTA for BMW and so on. There are also many good obd2 tools for logging, depends on what cars you are doing.

Hi Antti,

Thanks for your reply! I 've already found a OBD2 datalogger, which seems to do the job, thanks.

Regarding the CMDFlash, it's rather expensive, at least for me in my start up. I think I might give one of the cheaper options a go (FOXFlash as an example, or what ever I'm reccommended). I will also try learning Winols, might as well do it right from the start.

One question though, what do you mean by mappack and damos? Is this the premade tuning file, which is ready to be flashed?

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