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high lift and duration cams

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi, I installed Kelford stage 1 cams with higher lift and duration on Landcruiser(2007) 1FZ-FE engine and I also Have piggy back ECU(XEDE from Chiptorque) I tuned it on Dyno with AFR Sensor, before cams upgrade I had 190hp and 348nm, after cams and remapping I have 217hp BUT 335nm

I tried many times but torque did not come higher, is it correct? or I made a mistake? (I can edit timing, TPS and MAP with this ECU) attached you can see the maps after cams upgraded.

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What Lobe Separation Angle and Lobe Centerline do they have? The old ones and the new ones

what is your afr? what is the support mod can you give us a complete mod list, you might want to increase the compression as it might be too low most people i know mill the head about 1.75mm with cams

just curious im planning to get a cam for my 1fz-fe how do you like this cam how does it idle does it sound stock can it pass as sleeper? how much of a difference did it feel on drivability and wot

It's not unusual for a higher revving/higher power set of cams to make less low or mid range torque.

I change the Piggy Back to stand alone Haltech 750 and now happier It is 80% smooth in idle and works well

in medium and high rev

I upgrade my throttle body from 70mm to 90mm

engine sounds great and I have 220WHP

in stock it was about 150-160WHP

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