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i really think i need a course on just hondata s300, a lot of this stuff is just making me confused or i do not understand at all.. jumps into too many things at one point in time, once a certain subject comes up, ten more off subject stuff comes in.. its hard for me to type what i mean.. ugh.. frustrating

ok i will pass this to management to see if they can help out here,

Hi Vutha, at this stage we don't have an S300 example planned however as stated in the k pro example, s manager is essentially the same but simpler. The majority of what was demonstrated translates directly to s manager. Do you have some specific questions or problems you're facing? I may be able to help you work through those here.

Hi hello, thanks for replying. My only well not only.. just concern at the moment is the cam angle tuning you did on kpro.. this does not apply to single over head cams am I right? The cam angle should be left alone, and I should just tune the ignition map on the default table? If so that would be easier, but I do want to learn all the cam angle stuff as I would want to branch off into other honda engines like the k20 or b16 etc. Etc.. I've tried re watching the course almost 6 times now, but it starts to loose me once the cam angle stuff comes in. You set the cam angle at wide open throttle around 80kpa or so to zero.. and that was at 0 cam angle. Was that just to test out if it was working? Then you started to tune on a different cam angle.. or am I missing something? Or is it when you did the ramp run, thats how you found out what cam angle you want to tune, by looking at the logs and finding what angle the cam is at that has fuel tables that need to be adjusted?? I hope that is right.. cause if it is then I seem to be at least starting to pick up on something..

For the S300 you can ignore anything related to cam angle as you don't have variable cam control to worry about so you can ignore those sections of the worked example. In essence you are just dealing with a vastly simplified version of that worked example where you only have 4 maps to deal with - low speed fuel and ignition, and high speed fuel and ignition that are defined by the vtec changeover point.

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