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Hondata: numbers inside the fuel tables?

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If the Honda ECU is not a VE based ECU, so what do those numbers mean inside the fuel table? How can I calculate it?

Andrew said that if we double the numbers in the fuel table this will double the length of time that the injector is open for. but what if I just want to increase or decrease a little bit the injector pulse width?

Generally fuel tables will scale linearly (regardless of whether the numbers represent VE, injector pulse width time, or whatever).

So to get 10% more fuel, multiply the value in the table by 1.1, to get 5% less multiply by 0.95, etc.

When using Hondata the numbers in your fuel map have no units, they are just for reference, 300 is double than 150.

You don't need to do any math.

But you can always take a look at injector pulsewidth or duty cycle in your Display window.

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