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How to configure a base map

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Where should i start from to get to "stage 2"or bigger turbo maps from scratch.

Where do i need to adjust in order to get the desire outcome.

The worked example merely shows a fine tune from a stage2 map.

How hard is it to work from a stock map to my very own stage 2/3 map.

What software & hardware should i purchase.

Its a MK6 Gti (2012) & Passat 2.0Tsi 7speed (2020).

Thanks in advance.

Hi Wong, for the MK6 Golf I'd suggest you consider HP Tuners as it's on their supported vehicle list. I'm not sure on your options for the 2020 Passat but I'd expect support will be added in time through HP Tuners. Alternatively you could consider something like ECM Titanium however I've heard mixed reports on the accuracy of the definitions.

'Stage 2' is not really a very useful term as it means different things to different people and has just become a generic term that the aftermarket seems to have embraced. Probably one of the considerations with a turbo upgrade would be the fuel system and making sure that the pump and injectors can supply sufficient fuel. You're almost certainly going to need to make significant changes to the load axis for your lambda target and ignition tables so that you're not falling off the end of your maps and you're going to need to address the requested torque tables and any torque limits so that they are realistic in light of your modifications. All of this should be achievable while working from a stock map though. Just take your time and make small changes.

i see, if adding a turboback exhaust and intake, all it takes is to scale everything evenly as what the course had indicated to meet the lambda & others tables.

Thanks sir

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