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Hi guys, I am struggling with the idle on a 2010 camaro with an ls7, large 240/250 cam, msd intake, headers, exhaust. I have tried adjusting the idle airflow up and down without much luck and further tried to tune the over under speed spark and Proportional and integral settings. With the airflow too high the car just hangs at high rpm and as i adjust it lower it no longer can maintain any idle and eventually dies after wildly oscillating. The car is engine swapped so I have moved over many tables from the 2008 z06 calibration it came with including some of the proportional and integral settings. Attached is the tune file and a log. Thanks in advance for any help!

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  • camaro-btr-adaptive-idle-and-ls7-fixs-airflow-edit-5.hpt
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I'm out of town right now so I can't look at your log. What happens when you turn off the feedback? See this post https://www.hpacademy.com/forum/general-tuning-discussion/show/dsx-upgrade-ecm-tuning-problems#post15294

Thanks for the advice I tried turning off the feedback then with a variety of base airflow values and no matter what I do it just wants to idle at about 1500. I further tried disabling the throttle follower values and got the same result. I decided to try using the scanner controls to manually lower the idle. I took out some timing and used the idle control in the scanner. Even doing this I could not get it to hold a throttle value below 24.7% but with 13 degrees of timing it did finally stabilize around 1100. Although I would prefer to run higher timing closer to mbt idle timing. Unsure of what to do next, I am wondering if this could be an indication of some bigger problem? I smoked tested the car and it does not have any air leaks. The ecu has a fair amount of setting changed to match the ls7 engine swap and I am wondering if there is some setting that changed that may be causing this problems. Let me know what you think of this log and file I used in the scanner to reduce the idle speed.

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  • camaro-btr-idle-air-9.8-ss-ect-multi-int-prop-zero-cat-light-zero-upper-rpm-airflow-reduced-to-8.8-throttle-follower-zero-maf-on.hpt
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Im out of town, cant look at your log. Sweep the spark timing from 15 degrees to -5 degrees with fixed throttle angle, in 2 or 1 degree steps. Allow 30 seconds to stabilize at each point.

It's normal to not run mbt timing at idle. That allows the spark feedback to add timing when there is increased load on the engine. This is called idle torque reserve. Idle is not an mbt area.

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