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Hi Andre,

Regarding Hp tuners intial config, this process should applied to each vehicle? Or i can do this to one file and save it as it helps in fastly tune cars. My 2nd concern is you tuned the ls3 in the course as shown O2 sensor was wired and the lambda readings appeared in the scan software data logging , did you use the stock O2 sensors or after market ? I believe the stock o2 sensors are narrow band sensors. In addition, about the license credit you used 2 GM credits, are these credit for vcm and tcm? If i will tune swapped engines cars equipped with M/T can i use only 1 credit instead of 2 credits?

Thanks in advance

Unless you're tuning exactly the same vehicle repeatedly, the configuration process is going to need to be done for each vehicle. You'll find over time that you'll end up with base files for the common cars you're seeing through the door though and at that point the process becomes much faster and more efficient.

With the lambda sensor, this was a wideband sensor that was connected to an Innovate LM2 wideband controller and then connected to the VCM scanner. The stock sensors are narrowband and hence only useful for tuning to 14.7:1. You will require 2 credits for manual or auto vehicles.

Appreciated Andre