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HP Tuners Preview File?

Practical Reflash Tuning

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I am just learning how to tune and wanted to get a feel for the HP Tuners software before I purchased the hardware. I have downloaded the VCM Suite and have it open and working but I do not have a tune file to look at. Could HPA or someone on the forums provide me a tune file? I don't know if that is allowed but I thought I would ask rather than try to find one on the internet. A stock tune file for either a 2010 Raptor 5.4 or a 2000 Jeep Wrangler 4.0 would be great as these are the cars I am looking to tune.

Why don't you start with this Jeep 4.0 tune (found in the thread below), just to see what available.


If I recall correctly, you need to have the HPTuners Hardware in order to view HPTuners files. Your best bet would be to check the worked example in the Pratical Reflashing Course or if there are any webinars.

You can open and view files without the hardware. You cannot write to a vehicle though. That is fine as I am just learning and not trying to tune anything with these files.

I have gotten the Jeep file David linked to open and several others to work as well.

Oh well, my VCM Editor always asks me to plug my MPVI2 when I open a tune file, and if I don't and hit cancel, it stays blank.

Glad it works for you!!!

Not sure what is going on there. I cannot get the speed density calculator to come up when I am looking at the tables on a 5.4 f150 like mine, but that may be because I dont understand something and it doesnt need it for some reason. It could also be because I don't have the hardware.

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