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Hp Tuners VCM scanner logging issues

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Hi all just trying to work out some issues I'm having with VCM scanner not logging certain parameters. I'm trying to Log my 2018 mustang GT. Once i connect to the vehicle and re-poll for all PIDS i select all the ones i want and populate the channel list. The problem i have is once i start to record a log half the channels disappear and don't record. Only the basic parameter stay like RPM SPEED SPRK FUEL TRIMS O2.

Im trying to log the MAF but MAF vs Period is one PID that drops off. Also mapped point by Weight, Tor, VCT also drop off.....

Any help would be great.

Cheers Allen

Allen, are you saving the channel config?

Well I think ive tried everything now, deleted the list, repopulated, repolled. Started logging with the scanner running and engine off engine on. Still no luck. I cant get it to log the MAF Vs Period parameter!!!

Are you trying to make a histogram for a MAF error? And do you have cylinder mass grams in the channel list?

And usually when you add things in the channel list and they drop off that's because you're not saving the channel config itself.