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HP tuners wideband data

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hey guys,

So I've been trying to get wideband data from my innovate LM2 into HP tuners VCM scanner.

I tried using the serial output of the LM2, added the channel etc on the VCM scanner and it shows up, but when I hit connect to vehicle it disappears. I've seen a webinar where Andre says he just opens up the innovate LM programmer software and then it works, but I've tried this and no luck.

Fyi I'm using the latest MPVI3.

I emailed HP tuners, to my surprise their response was that they do not support serial outputs into VCM scanner. Said I need to bring the wideband in via analogue output and their pro link cable.

Has anyone found a work around to get the VCM software to work via serial with MPVI3 ?

I have brought in CAN-connected wideband systems. I used both AEM and Ballenger previously. Just connect them to the same CAN bus the MPV uses.

I'm not aware of a reflash solution that uses Innovate's serial comms currently. COBB used to, I don't recall HPT ever supporting it. Analog or CAN, with CAN being more ideal due to digital accuracy, are the options I believe you have.

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