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HPtuners MPVI2 Histogram issue

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Good day, i am very new to HP Tuners MVPI2. Got it for my 07 ford mustang GT, mod was intake and exhaust. I am trying to log the data onto the scanner, but i realised a few issues.

1. The AEM Wideband i connect to the system doesnt chart out the line on the Chart in scanner. Why is that so?

2. The histogram is only charting figures on the 1 row... why? is my load figure having issue?

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HPTuners has not released and MPVI2 PRO. If you upgraded from the MPVI1 to the MPVI2 PRO, you will get the actual Pro version when it is released, free of charge, but as of now, you have the MPVI Standard . The page you actually purchased the MPVI2 tells you everything.

If the aem wideband is x series that support can system then you can add it to the layouts , search at Google for the procedure.