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Does the stock ecu recognize the change in cc rating when you enter the new numbers into the new map?. And is there a limit to how big they can be e.g if you go from 500cc injectors to 2500cc will it go outside of any ecu parameter?. Also does injector resistance need to be the same as the OEM injectors?.

From my little bit of knowledge as long as you have the latency numbers correct (injector dead times what ever you wish to call it), sizing etc, the ecu will take it just fine. I mean from my understanding it's just telling them when to open how long to open for and when to close etc. So shouldn't have any effect about how big the injectors are. Yes injector resistance needs to be the same. If the drives are high impedance then it needs high impedance injectors. Etc. Im sure there's a way you could modify it, but that's out of my knowledge base at the moment