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is this course for me?

Practical Reflash Tuning

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I have a 2004 subaru legacy turbo, i have been remapping it using open source romraider, tactrix 2.0 and ecuflash.

I am able to make solid changes to what I need, and the software helps with maf rescaling.

I dont know what the course exactly covers, and although i know there is a money back guarantee i feel uncomfortable checking it out and then asking for money back.

What I am trying to figure out is what is best method for tuning on road, how to use logging of loads/etc to gain an understanding of whether the car is performing better, or whether the dyno is the only way to measure torque increase.

So far the car is performing confidently better, and is 'lively'.

I guess i'd love to talk to someone who is experienced in the subaru remapping, and i'd love to learn 'what the pros do' when it comes to subaru remaps specifically. I learnt alot about tuning my rb26 when Andre should a practicle example, after that i went and tuned very successfully my rb26 engine...is there any reference to the subaru system in the program?

Is this course for me?

That's a totally reasonable question. I'll try and address it.

The difficulty with producing a reflashing course is that while there are basic generalities that apply across all platforms, there are also significant difference that exist from one ECU to the next - For example a Subaru ECU functions looks quite different to the GM PCM we use in the HP Tuners example.

Here's the thing though - The ECU in the Toyota 86 worked example may be quite helpful to you as the workings of the ECU and the maps available are very similar to most Subaru ECUs. In particular there is a thorough explanation of the way Subaru handle the ignition control with the base and advance tables as well as how the knock control parameters work.

We will in the not too distant future be adding worked examples on the new 2016 STi on the Cobb platform too.

I know you're tuning on an open source platform however the ECU configuration is based on Subaru, not Cobb/EcuTek/ECU Flash so what you learn on one platform does copy across for the most part to others.

I'm confident that the course will be beneficial even though the worked example isn't exactly what you have and we won't mind if you ask for a refund - Honestly that's why we offer the option. We want our members to feel they have received great value :)

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