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Practical Reflash Tuning

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good day. i am having a hell of a time trying to tune my car ( reflash ) i have a 2002 JDM Sti. i have upgraded the turbo to a stock frame procession turbo, grimmspeed boost control and 1050 cc injectors from injector dynamics. i am using romraider to tune running a race rom to use speed density

i have changed my injector scalling to 1050cc. i have also removed about 3 degrees of timing from the boost section of the base ignition. i also reduced the boost to about 12psi and reduced to wast gate duty cycle. i am receiving alot of knock and boost cutting at about 0.5 bar. my fueling table is extremely rich but the wideband is reading mostly lean until about 5500 RPM at full trottle. HELP!!!!! :)

Does the knock go away if you reduce the timing further? What RPM and load are you detecting the knock? What is the ignition timing?

When you say "my fueling table is extremely rich", is this a VE table, or an Lambda/AFR target table? If it's a target table, then I suspect your injector characterization isn't correct, try increasing the injector scaling until the target Lambda/AFR equals the measured Lambda/AFR.

Hi Gregory, first up the injector scaling number won't end up being 1050 and will probably end up being something closer to 850-925. Please follow the module on scaling your injectors first as you need to get this dialled in before you do anything else. I'd also suggest you revert to wastegate boost while you start dialling in your tune and then you can add boost. It's likely your wastegate duty cycle base values will need to be decreased for the new wastegate actuator spring pressure.

@david. yes the knock go away when i reduce timing. i did not tune VE Table i left At default that came with the race rom. fuel table AFR gets down 9.8:1.

@Andre. i played with the injector scaling with not much results. i will review the module on scaling injector. i have reduced my wastegate duty cycle to 20% running very low boost.

as i am tying this i am on the road trying to iron out the tune. car idles horribly. its sounds like its missing and its idling at about 16.4:1 AFR. i suspect this is because of the injector scaling.

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