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LM2 / MPVI2 HPtuners

Practical Reflash Tuning

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hello Andre greetings !

so I got the LM2 and I’m unable to connect it to Hp tuners MPVI2 :/

now I’ve heard you say that you use serial cable to connect it directly to the laptop.

But the problem is my LM2 only came with a USB cable ... and when I checked ( innovate serial cable ) on eBay only a wire that you connect to the side of the unit and the other side looks like a headphones jack came up is that it ?!!

But when I googled serial cable/adapter online a PC old monitor cable looking thing came up so I’m really confused now...

what and which cable/s should I get and from where and does innovate sell them or I should get them from eBay?!

and after that what steps should I follow in the software?

its really frustrating because there is little info online about this online

thank you

Okay I was checking innovate stuff again and found the innovate 3840 MTX cable for the LC so I purchased that ( hopefully it is the correct cable ) and then I bought serial to USB adapter off eBay am I on the right track ?

Hi Fahd,

im using aem wideband and used the serial port cable to usb and on vcm scanner i just added the channel for aem as a serial port and it did work immediately without any issue, you will not need any software maybe the driver for the cable but thats it,

i thought the lm2 would work with the supplied usb but i guess it have to be serial port, its db-9 rs-232 adapter.

if it doesnt work you can still wire it directly to the ecu i wired mine to egr input ,it just was way too slow and not as accurate as the serial port

The USB cable that is used to program the LM2 won't work to get the data into the scanner. I've wasted around 10 hours on this and was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why some users on the HP Tuners forum had supposed success, while others didn't. The key is to use the serial cable from the side of the LM2. You'll need the Innovate serial cable that you can find here: https://www.innovatemotorsports.com/xcart/product.php?productid=16333&cat=271&page=1 and you'll also need a serial to USB adaptor so you can plug that cable into your laptop.

Glad to hear I’m on the right track because I was pulling my hair as well and what made me more annoyed is that I’ve contacted innovative support themselves and asked about using serial and they insisted that the ( only ) way to use the lm2 with hp tuners is to use the analog cable . after I searched thier site and found the serial cable and ordered it ... like they sell it on their site and they don’t recommend it :/ what’s the matter with them ?!

and I’ve read about the egr or ac method but it’s not great for temporary Applications and as you’ve mentioned fahad not very reliable

anyways thank you Andre always great help !

thanks fahad for the response as well . Nice name btw

Hi Fahd AF,

Did you have any luck using the serial cable from innovate to get the O2 signal into VCM Scanner? I have being tuning with the LogWorks and VCM Scanner, but it's pretty annoying to have 2 software open at the same time and click start datalog, look at the log, etc, etc, wasting time.

If you did have success, which I hope! I will buy the serial cable from Innovate right away! hahaha


Hey victor

My cable and adapter are still on the way they arrive after a week or so ...I did not try yet but im sure it’s going to work because Andre is already using it so it’s already proofed otherwise he wouldn’t recommend it . also fahad is using the same method on his aem wideband and if you open the HPtuners software and search the in the inputs thing you can find the innovate sp ( serial port ) but if you’re still not sure I will report my results back here when i do get the items and try them

Hello everyone

unfortunately I have the LM2 serial adapter and the serial to USP adapter. when I connected everything I got a strange readings of 500's and 600's on hptuners VCM! I don’t know where to go from here!

I have the same set up with my AEM wideband and it’s working perfect..

I hope someone can help..

Hi Ahmdjan,

I had the same issue and found on hptuners forum a transform formula. You can use as it worked for me. You just need to right click on the input and create a user define formula:

(Input / 68.05 ) + 7.35 = Output

I hope it work for you or if anyone has a different method I would like to know.

Thanks Vector that really helped..

it worked just fine and I did find the formula to log lambda too:

(input / 1024) + 0.5

its just there is no INNOVATE LM2 on the parameter set up under EQ so I chosed Innovate LC2 and it worked !

it was logging the same reading on WB and VCM scanner

One problem which is really annoying and I'm really thinking to go back to my humble home made AEM portable powered with cigaret lighter WB (LOL) is that some times the reading on VCM scanner just gos off and I have to stop/start the scanner multiple times to get them on again!

I'd agree that the serial input to the scanner isn't what I'd call rock solid and reliable. I did notice that HP Tuners have at least for now seemingly abandoned support and development here too which is a little frustrating.

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