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MAF scaling

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Should MAF scaling be done at WOT or can it also be done while driving it a steady speed and moving through the MAF frequency range? The reason I ask is because I have only seen MAF scaling done by putting the ECU in open loop and then driving it steady and trying to hit as many cells in the MAF frequency and then modifying from there. Which way is better/preferred? Thanks!


From what I have understood from the videos, I think that the MAF Scaling should be done to cover all points possible that are in error due to intake track modifications. All three of the tests you have mentioned above I have seen Andre do to ensure that he finds any errors that are present so that they can be fixed. When doing the Steady State test, he usually holds a cruising RPM around 2500 and during the Increasing RPM test he slowly adds more throttle to avoid going into Open Loop. These two tests avoid any Transient Conditions which can affect the state of operation of the engine and are done at a higher gear like third gear if on the road. The Open Loop test is the most simple as it is a Wide Open Throttle run also in third gear if on the road. All three tests are performed in similar conditions of flat road and avoiding transient conditions. This is my understanding so far and I hope it helps.

Hi Barry, if you check out the worked examples I demonstrate the technique that I use and recommend which is to basically deal with the MAF scaling in two ways - First of all I use steady state to cover as much of the frequency range as I can reach before the ECU switches to open loop mode (you want to stay away from these transitions as there will always be some momentary AFR error as the target changes. Then I switch to open loop and perform ramp runs to fill in the remainder of the table.

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