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Maf scaling on stock evo 9 ecu on SD

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Hey, I read somewhere on the forums that you still have to rescale the MAF table even though you are running speed density on ECULASH. Is that true or just leave it alone?

Also, when converting/tuning on speed density/tephra mod V7 via ECUFLASH, is it possible to tune on the road or would it be beneficial to tune on the dyno? Not sure what tuning method to use when tuning the VE tables on ecuflash because there is not live tuning on ecuflash. Do I guess what VE numbers I need to enter in the VE table?

I don't have experience with the Evo 9 variant but i can say with the Evo 7 and evo 8 variant of tephra V7 speed density you still can use your maf scaling to adjust your fuel trims. Use either method to tune but dyno tuning would be best. To be honest the fueling at WOT is adjusted in the same way as if it was MAF based (at least the evo 7 variant is) where the VE map is ignored.

That’s interesting! Because I’m getting mixed replies on this theory. Some people say I don’t need to bother with it and some are saying what you are saying.

So what do I do if the fuel trims are too positive/negative and I need to use the maf scaling to adjust them?

I use the method that Andre described in the course. Where i dial in the mid fuel trim first. In this case i use a combination of adjusting the injector size and maf scaling.

For the low fuel trim i use a combination of the maf scaling and the VE table in the idle region

I hope this helps