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modded K20A2 parameter settings KPro

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi everyone!

In need of assistance with a modded k20a2 with little history other than it being blown up on someone elses dyno and then rebuilt by owner. Luckily i have the injector data, fuel pressure data.

Its a gt35r turbo with no name manifold. Rbc intake manifold with ported throttle body and larger cams. Apparently was tuned with IACV unused and with a tail pipe sniffer. It came in running solely on open loop with no o2 sensors in the car at all. Upon initial start up of the map it was set up with it was bouncing RPMs from 1100 up to about 2600 at idle and horrifically backfired from wandering Afr's.

My challenge at the moment is to get the car to steady its idle then get it to populate the charts with the lamba over lay function and get the AFRS close enough to road tune the low speed fuel maps for the different cam angles.

Any insight would be of great help! I feel as though im missing something in the parameter setup of the program as i dont usually deal with hondata software but times are slow in the tuning world with CoVid19 so im taking jn odds and ends to make ends meet.

There's a range of potential issues you may be facing here. I'd go through our Hondata worked example to make sure you understand the process as well as the way the Hondata operates if you haven't already. It sounds like you've got too much air bypass at idle which is causing the hunting and the ECU is employing fuel cutting. You should be able to sort this by reducing the air IACV opening, and/or making sure the throttle butterfly is completely closed at idle.

The factory front O2 sensor is a wideband sensor and closed loop control works really well so I'd definitely recommend refitting a stock sensor. If you want to properly optimise the cam timing maps then unfortunately you won't be able to do a good job of this on the road.

Hi Andre! Thanks for chiming in! I did go through the Flashing course and looked through that hondata example.

Unfortunately for me there was a giant hack job done on this car and im stuck reverse engineering their mess from hardware issues to poorly calibrated tunes and revisions. Luckily most of the information at hand will work well with the customers Kpro. The mechanical issues are being checked out as i type this.

Appreciate the reply. Stay healthy and safe! On and off track!

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