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so i bought the MPVI2 from Hp Tuners and uploaded my ecu files (from an astro van 2000) , and i started browsing and reading some info using vcm editor and i pressed the airflow tap and opened the primary ve table and noticed that the table minimum to maximum is from 0% to 12800% so now i am confused ?! , is this table the same from 0% to 100% or i must tweak something in the setting to correct the numbers ? i need help please ........

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Looks like the real units are probably not %, but something like milligrams. One of the issue with reflash software is sometimes the definitions of the tables (particularly units) are not completely accurate. The descriptions describes air mass, so you would expect units of mass, such as grams. The table values while they can go from 0 - 12800, only range from 854 to 2233, what makes you think this is a mess?

2.223 mg of air would be 1.7liters at std conditions, so it seems about right...

The VE numbers in a GM ECM aren't conventional 0-100% values. Instead they use GMVE numbers which as you've found can be in excess of 2000. While the numbers don't relate directly to a conventional VE table, the tuning principles are identical - To double fuel, double the GMVE number.

OK i got it , i am new to tuning and specially with hp tuners and GM ,thank you very much for your response