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Nissan 370Z _ How To _ pops and bang tuning?

Practical Reflash Tuning

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by "HP tuner", i did the necessary changes in all spark MBT maps (4 maps) in order to make exhaust "pops & bang", but unfortunately no gain at all!!

i attached both files (original and modified).. please help.

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I don't know HP Tuners or your ECU, but did you disable DFCO (Deceleration Fuel Cut Off). When you log data, can you tell if the injectors are still providing fuel while decelerating?

Dear David,

thanks for the Hint!

actually, i did not do that. However, today i will do it and then let you know.

your response is highly appreciated

i can not find DCFO map .. please have a look at the screenshots.

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I would have expected to find some fields under the "Cutoff, DFCO" tab that indicated the throttle position below which the fuel will be cut, as well as the DFCO RPM above which the fuel will be cut. All they show is the engine throttle rev-limiter, which is not what you want to change.

Hopefully someone with more experience with this platform will chime in.

Thank you David Garza for your support.

FYI: the VCM scanner does not work with this vehicle. I reported to hptuner but no solution yet! Therefore i could not log the spark to figure out what is going on!

I will try what you said then let you know.

The VCM Scanner can scan for SAE OBD2 PIDs. You should be able to log these PIDs at the very least. I’ll attempt this in the next few days and update.