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Nissan Electronic Throttle Control....No bypass

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Recently switched from Uprev to ECUtek for tuning Nissan Jukes.

Uprev allowed me to disable the ETC system with one button. Basically what happens is, if the ecu doesn't detect a certain amount of engine load it assumes you don't actually want a fully open throttle plate, so it cuts it down to ~50%. Issue is, I am tuning VERY large turbo cars with loads of lag, so this ends up cutting throttle not allowing me to make any boost or power.

I have access to very limited throttle tables for these, I have tried quite a few things to get around this with no luck. Any suggestions? Ecutek has basically told me they will not be doing any more development or adding anything to this platform. I tune several of these a month, and I feel as though I just wasted $4000 in switching over...not that uprev is much better.

The idle target system doesn't actually work either, which is great in a cammed out big turbo car.

Bottom graph, green line is throttle plate opening.



Sometimes you have to go with what you know. Sounds like for your needs, UpRev is the better solution.

Uprev is having serious issues with their software and these vehicles. Switched because of it.

I was able to fix this. I had to play with the torque demand tables. It took about a dozen tries, but it is solved.

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