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Nistune - SR20 - Treat this like standalone or reflash??

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My question relates to the Nistune software. As most other factory ecu's use the MAF to directly measure the air and the fuel tables command a desired AFR.

I notice Nistune ECU's ask for a mili second value for the injectors then factor in other aspects like long and short term trims etc.

I have changed injectors and also MAF and am running E85, scenario one can I input my MAF, Injector specs and then adjust fuel tables to get desired lambda essentially tuning like a standalone but using maf voltage as a load input instead of MAP.

Senario 2 - I input maf and input injector specs, start engine and see LAMBDA reading in cruise zones and use

MAF scaling to get AFR's correct in cruise only.

Senario 3 - I input maf details, and input injector details but input incorrect injector size to try and allow for lambda 1.0 on E85 ( eg we use about 1.5-2 times more fuel on E85 so I have 1600cc injectors, I enter them as 1200cc there for ECU mili seconds are greater?

any help or a direction would be helpful.



With Nistune you really want to treat this like a reflash since essentially that's what you're doing. You're in a tricky situation where you've changed so many things. The correct way to deal with the E85 fuel is via the injector scaling as opposed to the MAF - You really want the MAF to accurately report the air mass so tweaking this to get the right AFR on ethanol fuel is going to mean the MAF reading is inaccurate.

The problem you face is that when you swap the MAF and injectors at the same time it's essentially impossible to scale either item. What I mean by this is that when there is an error in the fuel delivery you don't know if it is due to the MAF scaling or your injector scaling. How I would deal with this is to start with the stock injectors, pump gas, and your new MAF housing. You can then rescale the MAF calibration to get this correct. Once you've done this you can swap injectors and move to E85 and then correct the errors in your injector calibration. This is detailed more thoroughly in the Practical Reflash Tuning course.

yeh ive taken the course thanks heaps I will deal with it that way I will sort some stock injectors and dial in the maf on pump gas. Thanks so much this should be straightforward with what I learnt from the course it was bloody brilliant! thanks