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O2 sensor calibration

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I have noticed on modified engines with large camshafts, extractors and large exhaust systems the O2 sensors have moved position and calibration changed. From my understanding the large cam with inefficient combustion at idle can cause sensors to not heat up quickly enough and apart from changing closed loop enable to a higher coolant temp, what is the correct way to recalibrate an O2 sensor in these conditions? I'm generalising LS engines using hp tuners.

Aren't LS O2 sensors heated anyway?

This can be a problem with long tube headers as it can reduce the operating temperature of the O2 sensors which in turn affects their output. There's no simple fix unfortunately. The common solutions are to leave the PCM operating in open loop, thus ignoring the O2 sensor output, or you can use a wideband controller/sensor that has the ability to simulate the narrowband sensor output and feed this back to the ECU.