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oversized cam with hptuners speeddensity patch without removing MAF

Practical Reflash Tuning

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I have a transam with LS engine. The customer installed oversized cams and wants to retain the mass aiflow sensor. I however convinced him to run speed density but I want to do so without installing an auxiliary IAT sensor. How do I run a speed density patch and still use the IAT readings from the mass air flow sensor

Appreciate your support is this is my first tune job of this kind

Thank you

I think you just have to cause the MAF to fail, by setting the minimum or maximum frequency so it is "out of range" under normal operating conditions. You then change the DTC for MAF failure to fail on first error, and not to turn on the Service Engine Soon (SES) light.

if I do that, will the IAT in the MAF housing still work fine?

I think it will, you should be able to monitor the value using VCM Scanner to make sure it's working.

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