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Power supply during flashing

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi all,

Just started my reflashing adventure, and have been reccommended a stabile power supply to use during the flashing. I bought a PS delivering 20 amps at 13,8 volts.

Now I read on various forums, that a power supply of up to 100 amps can be needed? The PS I bought was bought at a tuning shop, so thought it was okay. This is the one:


What is you experience? Should I send it back to the shop, and buy a new one which can deliver more amps?



I think what you have should be enough for most cases. I guess it depends how long is the reflashing process, some cars (Like Nissan) starts the radiator fans when reflashing which can draw more amps. Having a good battery in the car is crucial too and sometimes overlooked.

Hi Francis,

Thanks for your reply. I think I will keep it then, and then see how it goes.

Take care.

Some cars, Mercedes for example, usually draw more than 70A during flashing. I think you should be looking for at least 100A/14V power supply.

Thanks for the input, Antti. This is exactly my concern

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