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practical re-flash tuning timing adjustments for rideability

Practical Reflash Tuning

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i tune harley davidsons using powervision by dynojet. with this set up i can only make adjustments and then run the vehicle again to see how it effects the vehicle. doing full throttle timing adjustments is fairly simple but i have not gained any ground on adjusting timing at idle, low load or the mid range areas. what would make me want/need to adjust these areas ? all of the bikes i have done so far seem to ride well and smooth without any knocking but im wondering if adjusting the timing in these other areas may make the vehicles throttle seem snappier or perhaps get some good power gains even under lighter throttle regions of the tune. any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. where to start ? when to consider this option? anything at all. thank you

I don't know if it will be worth it, but having the ability to test and be sure is usually a good investment.

Have you considered making an adjustable throttle stop and just repeating your process (in a repeatable fashion) for less than full throttle. Or spend time trying to find a load-bearing dyno, or upgrading your dyno to one that can do steady state tuning.