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Practical Reflash Tuning: No GM Gen 3 eh?

Practical Reflash Tuning

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I was really hoping to see specifically a GM Gen 3 (99-07 4.8L, 5.3L, or 6,0L), since those are super popular in LS swaps in the US right now. I know the concepts are the same, but I know for a fact the tables differ significantly between the Gen 3s and the Gen 4s and that's huge for a beginer whilst learning.

I'd say from my own experience that if you can tune a Gen 4 then you'll have no trouble tuning a Gen 3. They are incredibly similar in terms of their key elements - MAF tuning, SD tuning (although in the Gen 3 this is easier since you actually have a VE table available in a conventional form). There are some differences around the idle control given the cable throttle vs DBW but unless you're doing as cam swap this usually doesn't need any attention. We will attempt to add some gen 3 content when we can but this of course is dependent on getting a suitable car.

Thank you Andre, I wrote this because you are big on increasing Torque as one of the first steps and I am wondering if it is safe for me to bump my Maximum Torque in a table called vs. RPM to 640 lb ft on 2001 GMC Sierra 2WD 4.8L with a 4L60e (LS Swap) since I hear those transmissions aren't the strongest. My concern comes from that in Gen 3s we do not have the individual gear tables and I want to make sure I am in sync with your recommendations.

FYI the table called RPM vs Gear is already maxed out at 640.

I am also concerned about the Trans Input Max value which is currently at 610 lb ft and can go up to 41 million ??? LOL The Trans Output Max is at 1,756 lb ft and also can be maxed out at 41 million.

Apologies for getting so far down in the weeds but I value your input (pun intended) as this will help me set the foundation for what I need to learn and get comfortable with. I have consumed a ton of You Tube videos and non of them practice this method, so I find myself asking you for advice.

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