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Practical Reflash Tuning

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hi not sure if its been asked already but wondering which soft will suit best for flashing Subaru

It really depends on which year and what your budget is.

You have ECUTEK, Romraider, ECUFlash and ECU Edit, probably a few more.

With ECUTEK you need to license your ECU which essentially changes the firmware on the ECU to the ECUTEK architecture allowing you to use their software and cables.

With Romraider, ECUFlash and ECU Edit they are open source, they will all use the Tactrix cable to read and write.

The roar aider or ECUflash should be more then enough to do the job. Like atm i want to try flash t7ne my 04 xt. But does the ecuflash work on later model Subaru's as well.

Thanks for your replay

With any open source solution (such as ECUflash), you're reliant on there being a definition available for your particular ECU. This goes further than just the model of the car though, and will depend on the market (ADM, USDM, JDM, EDM for instance) and the specific ROM ID. Most of the open source community are in the US, hence you'll find better support for USDM models. Quite a few JDM models (what I predominantly see here in NZ) have limited or no definition files available.

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