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Re scaling frequency tables

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Using HP Tuners I'm trying to use a MAF sensor that has different frequency break points than the stock sensor. The re scaling discussed here is about calibration of the airflow tables. Would anyone know how to rescale the frequency break points using HPT?

When you right click on the MAF table there are a couple boxes labelled col & row axis, there is an edit feature that will not open. I've searched & asked various people with zero luck.


The way you edit the break points is exactly what you've found so the fact it appears to not allow this may indicate the break points are hard coded (unlikely but possible). The actual break points shouldn't matter unless you are trying to extend the maximum values for increased max airflow - You haven't really stated what your aim is here?

The axis I would like to edit is most likely hard coded as you suggest, some are easily rescaled & those are underlined in HPT.

What I'm trying to do is help with an LS conversion into a 1953 Chevy pick up. The donor is a 2010 Chevy pick up, unfortunately the MAF sensor & throttle pedal are not from the same donor & different vintage. There is a problem getting 100% throttle opening & I'm told the issue is the MAF scaling of the frequency break points which is very different.

This is a learning exercise for me, the owner has replaced the DOD cam with a far to aggressive camshaft for the application. Headers as well to accommodate the conversion but otherwise stock.

Rescaling the MAF axis may not solve the situation, I need to know & would like to know how.

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