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Rear O2 Sensor deactivation

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hey all,

Where/what video lesson is it where Andre is talking about the rear o2 sensor and how much weight the ECU gives to it?

I'm trying to review that video and I've been searching for over an hour, lol!

I'm trying to figure out the significance of why I would want to shut off my rear O2 sensor; when I have a separate wide band meter to measure the AFRs in real time.


I'm not sure there is a video covering this to be honest? Well at least to the best of my memory.

The rear O2 sensor is used by the ECU to confirm correct catalytic convertor operation. While I'm aware that it's common practice in some open source systems to remove the rear O2 sensor and disable it to allow fitment of a wideband controller, you do need to be aware that this practice is illegal in areas of the world with emissions laws, in which case your vehicle will not be emissions compliant. If you've already added a separate weld boss for your wideband then there's no reason to disable the rear O2 sensor.

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