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Reflashing Hardware and Software Solutions (and Kess / ECM/ WinOLS questions!)

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi, thanks in advance for the replies I hope my questions make sense!

I’m relatively new to the tuning world, especially reflash tuning, having only previously utilised Syvecs standalone systems.

I am currently looking for both reflashing hardware and software to access and custom tune a various range of vehicles, but I am having great difficulty in identifying which to go for.

I am having to rule out the COBB/Ecutek and other car specific tools, as I will require access to a much wider range of cars.

From the limited information I have found, I am being drawn to the Alientech Kess V2 Master system, there seems to be access to a large range of ECUs from this system.

The difficulty I am having is trying to answer the following questions:

1. - Does the Kess V2 offer any tuning software internal to the package, or do I need to purchase ECM Titanium or WinOLS (or both) to edit the files?

2 -Does the protocols purchased with Kess V2 differ from the chicksum/protocols with the tuning programs above, or will I require to purchase the chicksum/protocols with them also?

3. -What on earth are chicksum in the first place??!

4. -How do the subscriptions with all of the packages work?

If anyone could recommended any solutions for the above criteria, or shed light on the KESS/ECM/WinOLS packages I would be forever grateful!



Hello. Kess V2 is just a tool to read and write the file to the ECU. In order to make calibrations, you need ECM titanium or Winols. Kess V2 often corrects checksum but not always. ECM also corrects checksum. Checksum is used to verify data integrity. With wrong checksum, car will not even start.

Regards, Dimitris.

Kess, ktag and ecm is subscription based on yearly fees. Each one has a individual subscription fee which can be quite costly. WinOls is the better tool but requires more experience. I have been using ECM titanium and alientech for 1 year now. It's a good tool but I've recently bought AUTO TUNER which is mainly for the newer cars but is wayy faster.

Depending on what cars you are doing, a good combo would be autotuner and WinOls.



Hello guys,

I am a bit overwhelmed with the info. I am trying to obtain the most cost-effective way of chiptuning my car as a hobbyist. The way I see it, is WinOls + kessv2 + mega lov viewer

Did i get it correctly.

Also a general question - how the tuning process with this setup will look like.

Do i need to connect the laptop to the obd2, to log everything, than, connect mpps and change the maps in winlos, then repeat from step1?

Thanks a lot

What car are you trying to tune?

You will use mpps or similar to read the ecu via the obd port.

You will use winols to edit the tune file itself.

Flash it back in with mpps via the obd.

Use a datalogging tool via the obd port to confirm changes.

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