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Remove timing or add fuel ?

Practical Reflash Tuning

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In the area where a bit of knock was occurring at high RPM and you removed some of the timing advance that you added to fix the problem but lost a bit of the power that was gained .

Would adding little more fuel prevent the knock from happening and keep power or it would have the same effect on power ?

Should I try richning the mixture when I’m faced with similar situation or just remove that timing in the knock area ?

Thank you .

Sometimes you have to test different combinations of AFR and timing on a dyno and see what happens. There are a lot of engines that can make more power with richer mixture + more timing though.

I'd recommend trying both options. Richening the mixture and cooling the charge temp can help remove knock so it's definitely a viable option. In general you'll see faster and more dramatic affects by retarding the timing but as noted, this can be at the expense of power.

Thank you for the answers

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