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removing timing at high rpm knock occurrence, toyota 86

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in this example you pulled 1 degree of advance around high rpm knock area to prevent that knock occurring.

since it was on high rpm and since it is a stock n/a engine fitted with a supercharger, would it have made sense to check if some fuel should have been added to control temp before deciding to remove timing since it did affect our power curve?

Yes, absolutely you can try adding fuel first. We don't try to dive in too deep on these worked examples of every possible change and iteration and instead show the building blocks that you can work from. The techniques shown in our understanding AFR course show you more about the interaction between AFR, timing and knock.

In this specific case since I'm very familiar with the 86 platform, I know that the engine is very knock sensitive on pump gas with a supercharger and timing is a more effective method to remove the knock. Running the engine richer tends to kill power with no less knock sensitivity.