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Practical Reflash Tuning

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im having the hardest time understanding how to set the cam angles, or how to find the best cam angle.. ive watched this lesson about 10 times ughhh.. this is really hard for me to explain without talking to someone live.. will this apply to a sohc non vtec engine??

Hello, which courses have you done?

I assume you have a vernier adjustable cam gear? Our Variable Cam Tuning course would be a huge help for you, however particularly with a single cam engine it's very straight forward. I make changes of 2 degrees to the cam timing at a time and then validate the change with a dyno run (this really can't be done effectively on the road sadly). You'll quickly see how the cam timing change affects your power curve. In general retarding the cam aids high rpm performance while advancing the cam aids low rpm. Make sure that you adjust your base ignition timing though if the distributor is driven off the cam - If you don't do that it will affect your ignition advance too which will confuse matters.

Yes I have a 95 honda accord with a 92 cylinder head. It doesn't have vtec, and its a single over head cam, would I just need to set the ignition map to zero and just tune it on one cam angle? I got confused with all the cam angle stuff. Am I suppose to tune all the cam angles? But ill take your advice and re-watch the efi course again. I've re-watched it 5 times from start to finish already. But I am a slow learner and catch on to things a bit late. But once I understand something then I really understand it. This is what I've got down so far..

First you download the basemap, start from scratch with a fresh basemap provided by hondata or which ever program I use.

Next, I go through and make sure I put all the mods I've done to the car, and adjust or change the settings in the options menu, like injector size, engage/disengage vtec, disengage any sensors i don't need like knock sensor which i don't have, and sync the base timing of the car to 16 degrees BTDC to hondata. Make sure tps is dialed in, make any compensation adjustments if needed. Like air intake temperature compensation. Which I should set it at zero at the temperature the car will likely be on so no compensation is made. Which that should only happen in closed loop from what I've gathered.. make sure my wideband and stoich afr is set. The timing side of things i was just going to leave alone or just take maybe a few degree from the whole map and then put a degree back in to check and see if it runs better. But I don't have a dyno to be sure if I am making power or not.

Then I should be ready to start making some test runs and adjust my aor fuel ratios accordingly to what my afr's tell me at every single rpm and every single load measurement. I plan on driving the car and left foot braking all the way through the rpm band as much as I can.. then look at my data logs and change it as much as I can to my target air fuel ratios and do it again.?

Is there a way I can tune the ignition side of things just like the how it is with air fuel tables? That would make my life so much easier and it would make sense to me, since I have something telling me what my timing should be set at.. like the lambda target.

Thanks for replying and I really sorry for all the messages and long comments and all the questions.. as you can start to see,.. how passionate I am with cars. I won't quit, even if it takes me a long time just to figure out one thing like this timing thing.. thanks a bunch again, and your classes are great.. its my lack and ability to learn things thats the problem.

I'm almost out of gold membership.. I haven't learned a ton, but im having to resort to YouTube videos for tuning ignition, and huntertuned has a great video on how to get started tuning ignition and tips. What can I do here to help myself learn more of what I'm needing..? Is what I stated in my post before this accurate? Or do I need more work in certain areas? How can I show what I've learned to anyone and have them assess myself and give me tips on where to go to learn more of what they think I'm missing key info on..


I know I'm a bit of a bug.. but its just my thrive of wanting to learn this stuff really.. sorry if i ask to many questions.. its just I think ill be running out of gold membership soon and won't be able to post anymore questions without having to pay more money.. is there anyway you can do a hondata s300 work example?.. I know I am asking a lot, but I just feel like I would really benefit from it and actually understand some of the things more.. I understand if not, but is there any plans of working with hondata s300? I know you've told me kpro is pretty much identical to s300, but I still got confused when the cam angle tuning came into play.. idk. I guess I'll just keep watching the videos.. it sucks cause it feels like I'm watching something I don't fully understand and there's not a lot of help.. I been trying and asking plenty of questions.. and its been a week and no replies.. I understand everyone is busy and the holidays are here. So ill keep pushing and keep at it like I have been. I will learn s300 somehow.. or tuning efi reflash in general. Im going to again for the 4th time start from the beginning of the modules and start from the fundamentals. Looks like ill need to pound this information until it seeps out of my ears.. but like I said before, this course and school is great, its my lack and ability to learn things at a normal rate.. plainly put it.. im a dumbass.. lol.

Hello. As you have said you don’t have vtech so I will not any difference what is in those tables as there will do nothing. Just treat it as a normal non vtech engine and tune the ignition and fuel tables.

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