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Speed Density Hptuners

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Is there any video of instruction on how to convert from maf to sd on hptuners and how to tune it?

Hey Marcus, please check the worked examples. There is a specific worked example that covers applying a 1 bar SD patch. The introduction to this worked example can be found here: https://www.hpacademy.com/dashboard/courses/practical-reflash-tuning/hp-tuners-holden-hsv-r8-chevy-ss-1-bar-speed-density-os-introduction

Thank you

Hello all. I am not sure I understand the RTT in the speed density patch for say a P01 Chevy ECU. From the webinar I didn't see any real time changes being made...only histogram and applying the needed changes in Editor then dyno for results and repeat until calibrated. Am I missing something?

Also does establishing a target AFR and turning off LTFT & STFT to calibrate the VE table work the same as using STFT data and multiply by %?

Hi Chris, the vehicle we tuned in the worked example uses an E38 PCM which doesn't offer RTT, that's why we didn't demonstrate it. If you want to use RTT with a Gen 3 LS1 then there's a thorough guide here: https://www.hptuners.com/help/vcm_editor_rtt.htm

You can use the STFT or STFT + LTFT to fill in a histogram to correct your VE or MAF tables, however using closed loop trims is only possible if you're in closed loop and targeting 14.7:1. I prefer to disable closed loop and use a wideband with the AFR error populating my histogram.

Using HP Tuners and a wideband in open loop and EQ Err (lambda) populating the same STFT + LTFT for VE and MAF histograms is what I need. The ethanol% is getting up to 20+% for regular gas ,around here. My GM P59 has a calculated alcohol% and not sure how to reset it or something. My fuel MPG sucks but proportional to E85 not E20%.13MPG E0 I get 23MPG

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