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Subaru 08 STI HP Tuners vs Ecuflash

Practical Reflash Tuning

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I want to tune my own Subaru 08 STI, but I am really helpless which way to go with (which SW for tuning to choose). Ecuflash has very good learning materials, definitions for Subarus, great RomRaider forum, but still open source with some risk involved (I see also HPA tunning course is available for STI and EcuFLash), on the other hand Ecutek is out of the game, because they support only Master tuners, no own car tuning for enthusiasts is available...

So I look at HP Tuners, great option, but Subaru is new for them, they support mostly Ford and GM overall. Do you have some tips for me which way to go?

Or do you have som eexperience with Subbies and HP Tuners?

Thx, Mike

Right now for tuning platforms in the aftermarket, Cobb Accesstuner / Accessport is probably the most popular for practical reflash tuning. Although Ecuflash is going to be a lot more affordable to pickup and get tuning, Cobb's Accesstuner software is going to give you a lot more flexibility and capability when it comes to tuning, not to mention it's regularly updated and the Cobb team is constantly adding new features / enhancements.

Plus, having a V3 Accessport gives you the ability to monitor up to 6 different inputs in real-time (by inputs, I mean data the ECU is collecting from various sensors and signals across the vehicle such as boost, coolant temperature, calculated load, feedback / fine knock learning, Mass Air Flow, Air Fuel Ratio) - in addition to being able to datalog almost every essential input needed while testing the tune for a vehicle with a click of a button while on the road.

I would definitely look into Cobb if you haven't considered them already, the only downside is they require a small fee / course to be taken in order to get access to the full tuning software, but it's well worth the investment given the ease of use and support it brings with it.

I brought hp tuner to tune my 2007/2008 subaru wrx but wont read the pcm. Even tryed another pcm and still no luck. It will data log it buy cant read and write the pcm. I would go the ecuflash for subaru as it gives you a wider range of subaru vehicle. And with the romradier fourm you can allways find a stock rom file. I learnt the hard way but now have both tools to tune many different vehicles

Thank you guys for answers and interest. As I see, I will go to Ecuflash. COBB Accesstuner looks great, but I will only be able to tune my own car, not my friend car, is it like that? Thank you.

COBB is a great reflashing platform. Most of the users will only do the OTS tune (Off the shelf). If you want to go outside of these OTS tune, I invite you to read on the Accesstuner software. COBB will ask you to enroll in an online formation at a price.

Also, your license won't allow you to tune your friend's car. You would need to be a Pro Tuner for that, and you also need to be a COBB dealer.

Here's the link to the Accesstuner webpage : https://www.cobbtuning.com/products/software/subaru-accesstuner

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