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Subaru ECUflash and RomRaider

Practical Reflash Tuning

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i'm still lost in learning how to use ECUflash and Romraider. I'm having a issue with understand how to make adjustments with timing, fueling, boost control, open and closed loop fueling. Also where to start with making adjustments in engine load. Looking for advice and guidance on what direction to go. I'm trying to learn the basic and the way to make the adjustments.

ECUflash is used to download the rom file. Romraider is used to edit the file.

First run wastegate pressure and check Air fuel ratio. Get that right then do the others.

Do a loggin run first before any tuning to rom file

What mods have you done?

Before making adjustments take a few datalogs.

You need to make sure that the IAM value is maxed out (usually a value of 16) before making any ignition changes where you're increasing the timing; if you're retarding the timing this can be done at any point.

Have you watched the ECUflash worked example? This really should answer your questions for most lightly modified vehicles. https://www.hpacademy.com/dashboard/courses/practical-reflash-tuning/ecuflash-v11-subaru-sti-introduction

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