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Subaru feedback knock

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Decided to log my 2007 g3 wrx this morning. The vehicle runs a stock file and notice the feedback know at -5.62. Using ecuflash and megalog veiwer hd. Check the log and nothing is realy pointing to why. Max rpm would have been 3500rpm max. Is there any advice on what i should be looking out for in the data log. Fuel trims looked great in the histogram. Any advice would be appreciated.

What happens if you reduce the timing (or increase the fuel) in the area indicating knock? Does it go away? If not, then perhaps it's "false knock" and just a noisy spot where the engine's mechanical parts resonate at the same frequency as knock.

Engine load 1.020

Rpm 2172

feedback knock -5.620

Throttle angle 20.780

Air flow 2.500

Mass air flow sensor 38.130

Manifold relative pressure -1.600

A/f correction 1.560

VVE 2.5ltr 81.68

A/f learning -4.690

Injector latency 0.811

Injector pulse width 6.140

Boost error 3.320

Batt v 13.90v

Igniton base timing 22.40

Igniton total timing 22.50

Final fueling 13.430

Intake air temp 88.00

If I had to guess from that, the A/f learning seems like it might be removing fuel. Perhaps you should disconnect the battery and force he ECU to re-learn. You might have a bad (or fouled) O2 sensor. If that intake air temp is in C, is it real (you are in vacuum)? Perhaps that has become disconnected or needs replacement.

The ECU use a stock file but is your WRX Stock? Sometimes when you snap the throttle at low-ish RPM (like 2000rpm), the piston slap on the wall of the cylinder and the knock sensor pick it up. It usually remove 1.4 or 2.8 deg from my experience. Were there any Fine Learning Knock Correction? Did the IAM stayed at 1.000?

It's hard to guess from just a snapshot of the log, if you can post your CSV log from RomRaider Logger, it's gonna be easier for us to help you!

Also, you can reset the ECU and trims from RomRaider Logger.

Data log 23-2-23 and rom file

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