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Subaru/Cobb Acess Port tuning TGV question

Practical Reflash Tuning

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I have a buddy with a 2017 Subaru WRX STI and a Cobb Access Port that is expecting some pro bono tuning once I am confident I have enough information to begin. He has aquired a pile of parts while waiting on me, and included in this is a set of TGV deletes. I have a little understanding of what they are for, but I am no expert.

After watching the lesson, I noticed that in the Access Tuner software, some tables were labeled with TGV open or TGV closed. Once his TGV deletes are installed, will any of the tables labeled TGV closed need to be 0'ed out or disabled since the valves no longer exist? Is there any other type of change I may have to make that I wouldn't expect?

I haven't reach the end of the worked example yet, but I apologize if this gets answered already towards the end. I wanted to make sure I asked this question while it was in my mind.


Typically you would address this by setting the TGV open/closed thresholds so that the ECU always operates on the Open tables and then you only need to tune those. You can do this by setting the minimum airflow for TGV Open to 0.

Easy enough, thanks for the info Andre!

So I can installed my full complete tgv delete on my 2018 wrx and just set the tgv to open and out a parameter of 0 in it? And if I do that what will it do to the engine and other properties of how it will run.

First, you might want to understand what a Tumble Generator Valve does. Google found this for me:


Okay I was reading the link and I see that basically you dont need them till you do bigger mods. But what if you havent gotten to bigger mods but have them and would want to put them on the car. I can wait for more power mods which isnt a big deal. I've read some on them and still reading on them but if I wanted to put them on where would I start. Do I just get on the tuner and delete the codes and let them be or do I have to compensate for the fuel and air and change that. I'm new and learning slowly. Any info would be greatful.

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