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Switching off the LTFT on EVO X

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi Andre/Chris,

Can either of you tell me if it is possible to switch the LTFT off completely on the Evo X using either ecuflash or ecuedit?

There is a table known as closed loop LT trim control, can you guys explain what manipulating the values in this table can do?

I have read a lot on other forums about getting the LTFT to stop carrying over into open loop but I do not believe they are switching it off all together like what I am trying to achieve.

In essence, I want to switch it off AND stop it from carrying over from open loop which should come hand in hand. This way I can let my STFT control my fueling in open loop

Trying going into your "ECU Options" then "ECU Options 2" and disable data "bit 1" rear o2 sensor.

I believe this turns off the ltft.

I can't seem to see that map "LT trim control" in any of my tune files. Maybe post up your file and I will have a look

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the response, currently my map does not have the table either, but I have seen other definitions with the table. As such I have asked Epifan to define my table so that I can get access to it.

See attached link which shows the table and a method by some guys in order to stop the LTFT carrying over into open loop. Have a look and let me know if you understand/agree with what they're saying to do......from what I can interpret and make sense of, what they are saying to do really doesn't make much sense to me.


Did you try turning off the "bit 1" in your ecu options to see if it will disable LTFT.

I have seen that post before regarding turning off the ltft carrying over to open loop although none of my EVO X maps have those tables.

Let me know what Epifan comes back with

Hi Chris,

No I haven't gotten around to switching off the rear o2 sensor yet, I'm currently offshore on an oil rig at work. When I get home in a couple days I'll get back to you.

I sent Epifan definitions that had this map in them and asked if he could define mine to include them and he said yes.

If he can, have you looked at the table? It seems it's referencing when to transition into the diff ltfts based on maf Hz . If this is indeed so, then switching all these values to a very high maf Hz would force the ecu to never use the ltft correct? Tell me your thoughts on this.


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